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The best sex positions for clitoral stimulation

What is the best sex positions for clitoral stimulation?

The clitoris is one of most talked about yet misunderstood parts of the female anatomy, but for people with vulvas it’s an essential—if not the most essential—part of the body when it comes to orgasms. While the physical construction of the clitoris may be somewhat of a mystery, even for those who have one, knowing how to find it, stimulate it and get the most enjoyment from it is key to having great orgasmic sex either alone or with a partner. In fact, for when it comes to individuals with a vulva, clitoral stimulation is a significant factor in reaching orgasms whether or not they have penetrative sex. During this article, we will talk about the best sex positions for clitoral stimulation so you can take your sex game to the next level.

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Unveiling the Mystery: The Anatomy of the Clitoris

Let’s start with the clinical stuff. If you’re looking to find the best positions to stimulate the clit and methods for amazing orgasms, you need to know what you’re looking for! What exactly is the clitoris and where is it? To begin, most of us are familiar with the little external piece of skin, just about two centimeters wide, that can be found outside the body at the top of the vulvar opening. This little piece of magic has more than 8,000 nerve endings, so it’s obvious that it has a lot of importance when it comes to intense orgasms for people with vulvas. The external clitoris or nub is covered with another piece of skin called the hood. This protects it from being stimulated unintentionally….remember all those nerve endings? That sensitivity makes it easier to find the best sex positions for clitoral stimulation, alone or with a partner.

There’s more of the clitoris inside the body: internally, there’s erectile tissue that fills with blood when stimulated, plus two leg-like appendages that encase the vaginal canal. The whole internal apparatus looks somewhat like a wishbone. But even though parts of the clitoris are internal and can’t be seen, that doesn’t mean they aren’t important when it comes to clitoral stimulation. In fact, some research notes that the famous G-spot orgasm occurs when the internal parts of the clitoris, the part touching the vaginal wall, are engaged or stimulated.

So if you are looking to find the best clitoral stimulation techniques, you definitely need to learn how to find the clit.

best sex positions for female orgasm

Best Sex Positions for Clitoral Stimulation: Exploring Pleasure Techniques


So now that we have an idea of the anatomy, what are the best sexual positions to stimulate all parts of the clitoris for more powerful orgasms? If you have a vulva, the best place to start is to learn how your own body works and what kind of stimulation works best for you. That way you can tell your partner exactly what to do to bring you to orgasm. Bear in mind that every body is different and what works for one might be no good for someone else. Here’s a clitoral stimulation guide starting with solo pleasure:


Wash your hands and make sure your nails are smooth with no ragged edges. Start with some lubrication if you need to. Sometimes the action of rubbing warm lube on your vulva is enough to get you started! Then take it slow. If you’re using your fingers, explore a bit, massaging the outside of the labia and gently inserting your fingers into your vulva. Once you focus on the clitoris, try a variety of techniques for arousal. You can position yourself on your back, side, or even face down.


Try rubbing back and forth, side to side, gently pinching or squeezing with your fingers, or rubbing with the palm of your hand. You can also include other parts of your body, including your vulva, nipples, or the inside of your thighs as you go.

Incorporate sex toys:

Another technique is to stimulate the clitoris with your finger from the inside, looking for that G-spot located inside the front or upper wall of the vagina. Of course, all this clitoral stimulation works even better with a sex toy such as a vibrator. There is a huge variety of toys available for clitoral stimulation, useful for both solo play and with a partner. Some have options for hands-free use and can be combined for anal and vaginal penetrative sex. It takes time to find the one that works for you.

Clitoral Stimulation Techniques and Sex Positions with a Partner

The best way to start clitoral stimulation with your partner is, as always, through communication! It’s crucial to ask or tell your partner what they like or what you would like them to do. Demonstrate or ask them to show or explain the techniques that work best. As you begin, don’t hesitate to offer or ask for feedback, such as “Is this too fast/slow?” or “Can you move just a little bit lower?” The more you communicate, the more adept you’ll both become at clitoral stimulation techniques, enhancing satisfaction for both partners.

Discussing preferences for oral stimulation can also be insightful. Some enjoy a wide, flat tongue technique, while others find more pleasure in a rolled tongue for clitoral stimulation. Gentle nips or even gentle sucking in the clitoral area might be ecstatic for some, yet uncomfortable for others. Ensuring both partners openly express their likes and dislikes will lead to the best outcomes.

When you both decide to incorporate penetration, exploring the best clit stimulating sex positions can significantly enhance the experience. Remember, many people with vulvas do not climax from penetration alone and require clitoral stimulation. So, finding positions that provide both vaginal and clitoral pleasure is key to mutual satisfaction.

Exploring The Best Sex Positions For Clitoral Stimulation

Cowgirl/Boy Position:

A classic choice for stimulating the clitoris during penetration. With the penetrator lying on their back, the person on top can control the depth and pace while grinding their clitoris against their partner’s pelvis or sex toy. This position also allows the rider to use their hands for additional clitoral stimulation.

Doggy Style:

In this dynamic position, while one partner kneels, the other can enter from behind and use their hands for clitoral stimulation. The receiver might also touch themselves for enhanced pleasure.

Seated Face-to-Face:

This intimate position involves one partner sitting on the edge of a bed or chair while the other straddles them. It allows both partners easy access to manual clitorial stimulation during penetration.


Also known as spooning, this position offers total body contact and effective clitoral stimulation. Both partners lie on their sides, facing the same direction, allowing either to reach and stimulate the clitoris easily.

Elevated Missionary:

For deeper penetration and clitoral contact, one partner lies back with legs up, resting on the other’s shoulders, while the other kneels in front, elevating the hips. This position facilitates both penetration and clitoral contact, and using pillows for support can enhance comfort.

Missionary Position:

This traditional position remains a favorite for effective clitoral stimulation. The partner on the bottom can control the action by adjusting the depth and rhythm, pressing their clitoris against their partner for intensified sensations.

**This article is being updated.**


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